Go-to Choices of Best Weekend Brunches in Jakarta

When it comes to brunch time, it is up to you to choose dishes selection, from European breads to local toast sold by seller nearby the street. You can choose high-end meal served in fancy places, to inexpensive chicken congee you can enjoy every time. Until then, you might be confuse to choose which brunch spot is the best according to your picky choices, here comes the article to help you consider which best weekend brunches in Jakarta you need to try, at least once, whenever you come over for short vacation in Jakarta.

Probably, brunch does not need too much effort to make it, either should be timeless to serve. Therefore, within your own selection and requirements, the writer has already tried to pick several best weekend brunches in Jakarta you can adjust according to your taste.

  • KOI

Whenever you head here to spend the weekend, your first impression probably: ‘an old-style in good fusion’ because the decoration will tell you more about it. As if you come to this place, it will be nice to have a shared-with person because the delight cuisine serve here are really tempted. In no time, you will feel the urge to order more dishes, and taste bites off from each plates you ordered.

  • Common Grounds

For another best weekend brunches in Jakarta for go-to choices, you can consider Common Grounds as a must visited place for any brunch in the weekend. Here the baristas serve by rotating the guest to serve in more satisfaction. In the other hand, there will be a lot of brunch events to satisfying your taste buds. The recommended dish including the smashed avocado combined with sourdough called as Tunisian shakshouka.

  • The Goods Diner

Well, if you need any energy replacement after working out in the weekend, you need to visit The Goods Diner. Uniquely, this place offers yoga classes every Saturday morning, so you can make it as pit stop to recharge your blood glucose. For the best self-treatment, you can choose specific dishes such as The Corned Beef Hash to fill your empty stomach. In the other hand, to make yourself feel more like homey, enjoy the temptation of Farmers Breakfast to nurse yourself.

  • Potato Head Garage

If you are enough with common steakhouse, you need to come over to Potato Head Garage which provides a fascinating breakfast with a lot of fun, laughter, and happiness. The décor might be a little bit too eccentric, for the first comer, strengthen by the classical piano placed side by side to the bar. How about the dishes? Well, it serves signatures dishes including Wagyu Strip Loin and Black Angus.

For the weekend, brunch should be special since it is the time where you can enjoy the day with a little bit slower. As well, considering where to go to enjoy the brunch in the weekend should take place in the best weekend brunches in Jakarta, according to yourself. By the time, have you finished making any final decision where to go this weekend?

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