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When it comes to modern technology, there is a growing trend. Can you spot it? That’s right, modern tech is largely focused on creating a more convenient world for mankind. Industrialization has carried us a long way, but we’re largely passed solving actual problems, and so we spend much of our time and resources on trying to simply raise the quality of life. Think about communications tech right now. What do you notice here? That’s right, most communication tech is in the form of software now, rather than committed devices.The internet encompasses many of the communication services that once required committed devices, and when you turn on your Verizon Wireless clee phone, you’ll have access to all of these services, and that’s on top of standard phone and text services, as well. So, a smart phone, as they call it, has the potential to be the only comms device a person needs. Radio, however, seems to be outside of the internet’s purview, for now, and so that facet of comms tech is still in the realm of “unitaskers,” as Alton Brown would say. Likewise, local television is pretty much exclusively tied to, you guessed it, radio waves, and your smart phone, tablet, laptop, etc. can’t pick up those signals. However, just about everything else you need is all available from just your smart phone.

Of course, let’s step away from comms tech for a moment. Let’s talk about entertainment. As mentioned above, local TV is a no go through the internet. Cable is largely the same, but it didn’t warrant a mention above. Why is that? Well, simply put, there’s nothing on cable TV that isn’t also on the internet. Mind you, new content will only be available online after a set amount of time since it’s aired on TV, but all things, more or less, end up on the internet in the form of streaming services. Instead of tuning in and seeing what’s on, or reworking your schedule to be able to watch the show of your choice, streaming services, such as Netflix and Hulu, give these TV shows and movies to you on demand. That, and they tend to be much more affordable than a cable TV subscription. Another side of this same coin is YouTube, a streaming service that is freely watchable, for one thing, but it’s also free for you to upload your own creations. Furthermore, an industry popped into existence to monetize this thing that was once purely for the fun and passion of it. Now, while you can start working for free, in every sense, you can eventually amass enough of a following to start getting paid for it.

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